Arredo Jolly for the Hotellerie

Arredo Jolly is the ideal partner in the realization of projects dedicated to the hotel industry. With a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the hotel industry, we offer tailor-made design solutions that transform spaces into unforgettable experiences for guests.

From common areas to outdoor spaces, from rooms to terraces, from facades to floors, every detail is carefully designed to ensure an extraordinary guest experience.


Boundless customization

We know that every hotel is unique, with its own personality and atmosphere. That is why we strive to offer tailor-made solutions that reflect the vision and enhance the identity of the brand.


Each design is crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail to ensure not only stunning aesthetics, but also impeccable durability and functionality. Our designers work closely with clients to create spaces that capture the essence of Italian hospitality: warm, welcoming and timeless.


We are pioneers in the use of innovative technologies, combining contemporary and traditional design with intelligent functionality. From furniture to lighting solutions that create unique atmospheres, our proposals adapt to the specific needs of your hotel, offering uncompromising comfort and practicality.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. From the first concepts to final delivery and installation, we work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure a well-performing process and excellent results, as well as offering continuous after-sales support to ensure that the project always retains its lustre and functionality over time.

our pluses

Thanks to our experience, we offer ourselves as a partner for

  • design of interior and exterior spaces
  • choice of furniture, materials and design
  • transport and assembly
  • after-sales assistance with our specialized personnel
  • timely assistance

Are you looking for a trusted partner?