A pearl in the historic

Restyling of a hotel born in 1936 propitiated by a generational change. Having listened to the needs of the new property and perceived their enthusiasm, we immediately started working to help make their dream come true.

On the paving that leads to the Sanctuary of the SS Pietà di Cannobio, one of the oldest hotel structures in the country is transformed into harmony between past, present and future.

A hotel that presents itself on a fascinating panorama and that can be embraced from the top floor, looking out as if from the deck of a ship on the horizon in search of new beauties to admire.

Immersed in an elegant setting on the shores of Lake Maggiore, the Elvezia hotel in Cannobio reflects the soul and inspiration of the hosts.

A refined mix of styles.

In a refined mix of industrial, chabby chic and residential style where the dominant materials are the wood effects, the stone and the cement-effect stoneware by the Marazzi company in the entrance hall will immerse you in a unique atmosphere. If masonry and wood punctuate the linear score of the external volumes, inside it is enveloped in surprising colors.

Brightness, atmosphere, space and hospitality are the result of a very specific project.

The three different floors where the rooms are located have as their common thread the corridor with the same wood effect color, while the rooms are characterized by a different laminate tone divided by floor which is taken up with the same nuances for the bathrooms in which we find a play of designs given by the decorated tiles inside the shower.

Whimsical and magical are the adjectives that describe the environment of the breakfast room where a wallpaper ceiling by the londonart company captures and strikes the eye with almost fairytale decorations.
The interiors of the rooms combine personality and design, creating a relaxing environment for those staying in this hotel.


Paolino Giancarlo
Interior Design e Styling:
Arredo Jolly
Floor Coverings:
Arredo Bagno Arredo Jolly

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