Black and white: a game
between the light dark and between past and future.

A project realised together with architect Tommaso Marchi, born from the desire of a young professional to make more modern a space still keep unchanged the value of the historical heritage of the building.

Renovate and innovate with products and materials that take inspiration from the past to project in the future.

An apartment that overlooks directly on Borromeo Gulf changes its look and becomes the office of a young professional.

Architect Tommaso Marchi has designed this space in a tailoring way, creating a “tailored suit” reinterpreting the client’s personality and enthusiasm.

Arredo Jolly cooperated for this project to realize all tiles and bathroom furnishings.

To give more luminous to the working space, the hallway has been projected with a porcelain stoneware floor from Marazzi with high-level big tiles of white marble, cut combining the veins by our specialised installation team, same material used for the little bathroom.

In the hallway, to give more depth and widen the space, the architect played with Led lights and a wallpaper on the shades of black with light three-dimensional drawings.

The bath cabinet coating has been done with the same material, so it allowed to melt the volumes. To finish the effect and add a touch of colour and design they used black bathroom fixtures and taps from Cielo e Gessi.

Entering the offices, you’ll be affected by the magnificent lakeview, that inspired the choice of a light coloured oak wood floor from Foglie d’Oro Parquet.
The material shades are combined with water’s colour and, in the same time, give an elegance touch to the spaces.

The office is furnished with modern furniture and it’s a perfect blend between past and future. Materials as wood and porcelain stoneware, natural light and artificial light with Led lights and a wallpaper on the shades of black with light form London Art.


Interior Design e Styling:
Arredo Jolly
Floor Coverings:
Arredo Bagno Arredo Jolly
Tommaso Marchi

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