arredo jolly, wood in all rooms of your home

Wood is proposed by us for all rooms in the house including bathrooms and kitchen, it is a natural element that due to its low thermal conductivity allows for a warm floor in winter and cool in summer. Characteristic of the traditional parquet is the craftsmanship of each single board thanks to the sanding performed on site, creates a framework created ad hoc for our end customer. The wood species we deal with are numerous: from oak, to teak to wengè, furthermore our proposal also extends to wood for outdoor use with teak, ipè, ash.

The natural beauty of a wooden floor is given by many factors: the wood species, the richness of the color and the finish make a unique product; keeping this balance intact is our main goal that we pursue through continuous assistance to our customers, from the choice of parquet to delivery, from installation to maintenance. For you we have selected the best brands of 100% Made in Italy producers, such as Foglia d’oro and Cp Parquet, as well as specialized installers.


specialized installation

The added value of Arredo Jolly is the specialized employee installers. By applying the most innovative laying techniques, the team of experts is able to apply ceramic tiles, parquet, stoneware, wood and other materials to restore works of considerable value and features, for interiors as well as for exteriors.


survey and project

I take measurements and search for the best solution for indoor or outdoor wooden floors. Filing cabinet projects of new custom-made parquet.



At the Arredo Jolly showrooms you will find the products of the best brands for your 100% Made in Italy wooden floors.



Installation by our specialized staff.



Continuous assistance, from the choice of parquet to delivery, from installation to maintenance and installation guarantee.

Do you love wooden floors in all environments?