From Dream to
Reality: The Creation of a Boutique Hotel in Stresa on Lake Maggiore

Welcome to our exciting journey towards the creation of a unique lakeside Boutique Hotel in Stresa, located on the picturesque Piedmontese shores of Lake Maggiore. This incredible adventure began thanks to a wonderful family, already our loyal customers for work previously carried out in their home. Their request to turn a new dream into reality filled us with pride and inspiration.

Vision and Collaboration

As with their house, we put a lot of effort into approaching this project with our team and together with the architect of the property and all the other specialised companies. The first step was to define the style that would characterise the hotel, through a deep and involved collaboration between us, the owner and the architect. Once the mood was established, we moved on to the choice of materials for the rooms, bathrooms, restaurant, rooftop, lobby and gym – the beating hearts of a boutique hotel.

The next phase of our work was to take the design choices and reflect them in the rooms through customised mock-ups. These mock-ups were validated to ensure they reflected the vision of the property, and subsequently, we created technical drawings to support the installation.

The Warmth of Hospitality – The Hall

The hotel lobby saw the realisation of a custom-made flooring, with Florim stoneware slabs in Calacatta Oro colour and polished finish, embellished with brass details.

This bespoke work represents one of the most complex challenges we faced, as it had to perfectly embody the client’s vision.

The Art of Cooking – The Restaurant

For the restaurant, we worked closely with the architect to create a tailor made flooring, with friezes and carpets provided. Accurate surveys of the surface ensured precise squares. We were then assisted by Florim in the creation and installation of the tile flooring. The open kitchen was tiled with Cipa’s technical stoneware, while the restaurant wall was decorated with DevonDevon’s magnificent products.

The Beauty of the Exterior – Facades

For the facades of the hotel, we selected marble mosaics. After careful mock-ups, we went directly to the mosaic craftsmen in Spilinbergo. A night of selections and sampling led to the creation of a unique façade piece, combining Travertino Classico, Travertino Noce and Bianco Estremoz. This choice captured and confirmed the vision of our customers.

The Elegant Simplicity of the Rooms

In the rooms, we chose Foglie d’Oro flooring with a grey finish that perfectly complemented the ambience. The bathrooms were tiled with Florim’s large-format stoneware slabs, cut in a box shape with titanium end profiles. Gessi taps and fittings and Cielo ceramic sanitaryware complete the luxurious atmosphere.

Wellness – The Spa

The spa area, the result of collaboration with the Hofer experts, is the jewel of the hotel. We have created four unique spa suites, each with a different theme – Water, Mountain, Lagoon and Hay. Travertine by Gres Marazzi and wood by Foglie d’oro make up the floors, while the wall coverings include stoneware slabs by Florim, fine mosaics by Sicis, wallpaper and backlit panels by Tecnografica. Gessi tapware completes the experience.

This project was a test of dedication and collaboration. From the lobby to the rooms, from the facades to the spa, every detail was attended to with passion. We are grateful for the opportunity to have helped transform our clients’ vision into a unique and fascinating boutique hotel. We invite you to discover with us the beauty and extraordinary atmosphere of our Boutique Hotel on Lake Maggiore.


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