each pool, a unique piece of arredo jolly

The construction of swimming pools is the flagship of Arredo Jolly. Over the years the company has specialized in particular in the laying of coverings with mosaics, stoneware or stones, and in the sector of waterproofing swimming pools (with partners such as Volteco). A detailed design, perfect time management and professional execution are a prerogative of Arredo Jolly projects, as well as technical knowledge in the field of joints and the best choice of materials.

Each project is designed starting from the wishes of our client, from round pools for children to Olympic swimming pools, from indoor swimming pools for hotels to private relaxation pools. Arredo Jolly is your trusted partner: today it is one of the few companies in Italy to certify the ten-year posthumous insurance.


utmost care

Each phase is followed with the utmost professionalism from the very first phase of choosing the materials, to the creation of renderings that can satisfy the most ``bizarre'' needs, to the most fundamental technical aspects of waterproofing and installation.


survey and project

I take measures and search for the best solution. Custom projects, renderings and ad hoc designs.



Insulation of passing bodies in reinforced concrete, Plaster and squaring of any shape, Waterproofing with plastic sheaths or cement sheaths in positive or negative hydrostatic thrust.



Installation by our specialized staff.



Continuous assistance, from selection to delivery, from installation to maintenance and installation guarantee.

Is your dream a swimming pool in your home?