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Home Wellness: living the bathroom as an environment for relaxation and recreation

Thanks to the current proposals and a careful choice of furniture, the bathroom is transformed into a regenerating environment for body care, thus referring to the concept of “Private Wellness” and “Home Wellness“.

Forget the idea of the bathroom as a private and intimate place and favor a vision that breaks free from classic schemes. In a world so hectic that feeds on impatience, even the simplest and most predictable of concepts has managed to unhinge standards.

Respectively, “private well-being” and “well-being at home” are the terms that identify the need to live in an environment that is perfectly suited to one’s personality and especially to one’s mood.

Scented candles, antique mirrors, modern carpets and mosaics are just some of the elegant elements that have the ability to make the bathroom more welcoming and comfortable. The furniture, but also the coatings, in addition to being primarily functional elements, become real entities of value thanks also to the use of quality materials.

What are the best materials for covering the bathroom?
Home Wellness: vasca freestanding, parquet e rivestimento marmo bianco all'interno del bagno di Villa Gavazzeni

Together with marble, wood is one of the most requested materials to give a touch of warmth but also of elegance to your bathroom. Yes, you can use wood in the bathroom! The main threat that for a long time has limited the use of parquet in the bathroom is humidity: thanks to new technologies for treating the material and, above all, finishing, wood in the bathroom can be used safely. The secret to maintaining its beauty is certainly in the installation: our specialized installers will carry out the project you dreamed of and will also follow you in the maintenance of the surface.

Furniture suspended or on the ground? Which furniture to choose for your “Private Wellness”?
Mobili bagno sospesi, rivestimento con marmo Breccia di Capraia bianco in villa privata

Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer, but let’s try to clarify: there are many factors that affect the choice, such as, for example, the space available, the size of the environment itself. , and the state of the wall where the sanitary ware will be installed.

Advantages and disadvantages of suspended bathroom furniture:

  • Advantages

They give the eye lightness and less bulk

They adapt very well to small rooms

They adapt very well to small rooms

Ease of cleaning

They lend themselves very well to modern and contemporary styles

  • Disadvantages

Slower installation due to the installation of an anchor to the wall

Minor containment space



Advantages and disadvantages of bathroom furniture on the ground:

  • Advantages

Faster installation because there is no wall fixing

Possibility to exploit the spaces up to the floor

Perfect for those who love a classic or poor art style

  • Disadvantages

More frequent and demanding cleaning

Heavier optical effect than hanging furniture

Considerable footprint, we recommend using them in large bathrooms

To create a real Wellness SPA in your bathroom, which bathtub model to choose?
Home Wellness: vasca freestanding e posa specializzata parquet progettata da Arredo Jolly Interior Design

Since 2018, there has been an increase in requests for the so-called “freestanding bathtub“. What is it about? We are talking about the type of tub that can be positioned in the center of the room, anywhere in the house, so as to make your relaxation even more pleasant!

However, there are many variants of bathtubs to choose from:

  • Rectangular
  • Angular
  • Built-in
  • With shower

Here are the new trends in the sector revealed: the bathroom becomes a private refuge where you can relax and enjoy a breath of air from all the thoughts and efforts of the day. It is embellished thanks to design elements such as coatings, furniture, bathtubs, but also colors, finishes, sinks, shower cubicles, bathroom fixtures, shelves and wall units.


The bathroom becomes a place where you can pamper yourself and regenerate.

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